About Us


India Ruchi follows the footsteps of our ancestors who belong to the chettinad community well known for its food and hospitality.

People who have grown up in the chettinad community or who have tried chettinad food knows how addictive it is to not stop trying it again and again. Some of our popular non-vegetarian chettinad recipes include mutton chukka, chicken chettinad and chettinad mutton biriyani.

We use a variety of aromatic and healthy spices to enhance the taste and flavour of our food. Major spices include red chillies, cinnamon sticks, cloves, bay leaves, fenugreek, fennel seeds, black pepper, cumin seeds, tamarind, marathi mokku, kalpasi,etc,. Our cooks at India Ruchi knows how to satisfy your tastebuds using the right measurement of spices and the exact procedure of cooking a traditional and authentic chettinad recipe. All our masala powders are produced in-house by our expert chettinad Aachi's.

Our History

Idea by

Running a quality restaurant was the dream of my Grand Mother, who is a wonderful cook herself. She was a pro in making tasty and authentic chettinad dishes using original spices and home made masalas. Most of the recipes at India Ruchi are based on her cooking style and ideas.

Opened in

It was hard to find a good chettinad restaurant in the city. After a long though and research, we decided to open our own restaurant and make people enjoy and relish the original taste of chettinad. India Ruchi was opened in May 2010.

Today We are

After almost 3 years now, We at India Ruchi are very much happy and proud to have recognized as one of the quality and trustworthy restaurant in Coimbatore. India Ruchi has grown in all aspects and we thank our customers for all their support so far and expect their continued support in the future. We will never giveup our commitment to offer quality and hygienic food.

Future Plans

Yes. India Ruchi has wonderful future plans like space expansion, interior decoration enhancements, Party Hall, Online booking for orders, etc,. India zz Ruchi is also planning to open a branch very soon near Sivanandha Colony, Gandhipuram.